$5 Cash-Back On Your Next Purchase!

We are in the process of building a Sharingan photo gallery and would love to feature you with your newly purchased Sharingan.
In exchange for your awesome photo we will give you $5 cash-back on your purchase!



1. Order a pair of Sharingan eyes.

2. Take a quality photo of you wearing your Sharingan eyes.

3. Send it to cashback@sharinganeyecontacts.com using the same email you used for your purchase.

4. Receive your $5 cash-back within a few days!


Terms and Conditions:

• $5 cash-back is valid for multiple purchases but each photo submitted must vary.

• The same email that was used to purchase your item must be used to submit the photo.

• We have the right refuse entry.

• By submitting your photo you are granting us permission to post it on our website and social media platforms.

• You must have a PayPal account to receive the cash-back.